Share Menu- July 17, 2012


Hello Members,

Your share menu is below. Please remember that it is Lewis Waite Farm's delivery date, as well, so if you placed an order, please pick that up between 5:30 and 7:30 tomorrow evening.

Basil shares also start this week. If you placed a basil share order for this particular date, please pick that up at the regular distro time.

Vegetable Share
- Spring Onions
- Lettuce
- fennel
- string beans
- summer squash
- Swiss Chard

Fruit Share

Herb Share
- lemon thyme
- sage

Using Your Share - August Edition


We are very lucky to have Green Thumb farm as our vegetable supplier in that Farmer Bill grows over 400 varieties of herbs, vegetables and fruits, many of which are heirloom varieties and therefore, rare.

This week we have several items you may not be familiar with including roumanian wax peppers, dragon tongue beans and sorrel, but do not fear as all of them are very tasty.

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