Meet Your Core Group

Tess Arevalo-Fischer
CSA Role: Distribution Manager
Duties include: overseeing on-site distribution of shares to members. 
Day job: Culinary nutritionist/MS student in Holistic Nutrition/In-home dog boarding
Favorite CSA pick: unusual greens I've never eaten before.
Member Since: 2012
Significant Factoid: I cook organic, farm fresh, health supportive food for my dog Semba, a fifteen year old cancer survivor!

Mary Ann Benedetto
CSA Role: Site Manager.
Duties Include: not sure yet. 
Day Job: post-production for television/film
Favorite CSA Pick: Very excited for the tortillas!
Member Since: 2015
Significant Factoid: I have celiac, and always having fresh fruits and vegetables around makes managing my diet manageable. Also, I'm easy to recognize by my blue hair. :)

Denise Bolognino
CSA Role: President - Coordinator.
Duties Include: Keeping it all together.
Day Job: Student
Favorite CSA pick: Strawberries and Carrots... everything oh my!
Member Since: 2006
Significant Factoid: I dream of living on a goat farm.

Katey Dolezal
CSA Role: Site Manager (Setup)
Duties Include: Meeting the truck, unloading boxes and preparing the space for members to pick up their shares
Day Job: Aspiring actor/musician, I work at abc kitchen as a server.
Favorite CSA Pick: New veggies I haven't heard of and get to learn about... Fresh fruit and flowers!
Member Since: 2015
Significant Factoid: I love to travel and especially like recommendations on day and weekend trips for exploring upstate New York. 

Kelly Epps
CSA Role: Distribution Manager
Duties Include: Oversee and break down set up for share distributions to members at our amazing new site!
Day Job: Media Buyer and Planner at Generator Media + Analytics 
Favorite CSA pick: I'm really excited for the flower share (fingers crossed for peonies)!
Member Since: 2015
Significant Factoid: I worked in the kitchen on a ranch in Encampment, WY, 2011 after I graduated college and met Neil Armstrong there!

Megan Franzen
CSA Role: Events Coordinaor
Duties Include: Planning and organizing all CSA events including ones specifically about nutrition. Serving in an advisory capacity on nutrition related issues.
Day Job: Communications consultant at Humana; Holistic Nutrition Counselor for mamas, mamas-to-be, families and anyone who is passionate about eating to live a vibrant life!
Favorite CSA pick: Anything green and leafy. And apples.
Member Since: 2009
Significant Factoid: I was trained to be an opera singer!

Mary Gallagher
CSA Role: Membership Coordinator
Duties Include: Membership, Invites, waiting list
Day Job: RN
Favorite CSA pick: Carrots
Member Since: 2011
Significant Factoid: I am a native Astorian. 

Wendy Marston Lehmann
CSA Role: Communications Director
Duties Include: Keeping members up-to-date on CSA business, share details and events.
Day Job: Advertising copywriter/comedy writer 
Favorite CSA Pick: Turnips!
Member Since: 2008
Significant Factoid: I have 2 children and 2 cats. 

Paul Lind
CSA Role: Site manager
Duties Include: I’ll be doing some setup and some distribution shifts
Day Job: Community Habilitation Instructor for people with developmental disabilities
Favorite CSA Pick: It’s hard to beat a good tomato
Member Since: 2015
Significant Factoid: I haven’t cut or brushed my hair in 17 years. 

Morgan Murphey
CSA Role: Set-Up Manager
Duties include: Helping everything arrive and get set-up on-site. 
Day Job: Around-the-town mother to Arthur, born July 2014. Formerly General Manage/Faculty at Playwrights Horizons Theater School/NYU
Favorite CSA Pick: Fruit Fruit Fruit
Member Since: 2015 
Significant Factoid: I was formerly a Core member of Harvest Astoria CSA, another great neighborhood CSA 

Dega Omar
CSA Role: Setup Manager
Duties Include: Being there for setup, knowing the setup routine and helping the volunteers do their job.
Day Job: Stay At Home Mom
Favorite CSA Pick: I like everything. My kids love black grapes.
Member since 2011
Factoid. I am the compost person at my home and have three cats and three kids.

Brianna Quijada
CSA Role: Site Manager
Duties Include: Helping with setup, distribution, and clean up.
Day Job: Assistant Manager of vegan, organic cafe. 
Favorite CSA Pick: So excited for the fruit for delicious salads and smoothies!
Member Since: 2015
Significant Factoid: I'm vegan and I love cooking. 

Jasper Ray
CSA Role: Site Manager
Day Job: Social Security Administration Claims Representative
Favorite CSA Pick: Strawberries, tomatoes, beets and sunchokes
Member Since: 2013
Significant Factoid: Can make a pretty mean tomato sandwich.

Chi Romano
CSA Role: Volunteer Coordinator
Duties Include: Setting up our awesome weekly volunteers for success, tracking shifts and pleading for people to fill empty spots.
Day Job: Procurement Coordinator (yes, I love coordinating), retired rugby coach
Favorite CSA pick: Dino Kale
Member Since: 2013
Significant Factoid: Went Paleo 3 years ago--the best decision of my life --and am taking it to another level this year by biohacking and detoxifying my entire beauty/bath routine.

Randi Sherman
CSA Role: Recipe Editor
Duties Include: Mining my brain, cookbooks and the internet for new ways to cook the CSA share
Day job: Advertising Sales/Freelance Writer
Favorite CSA pick: kale and peaches
Member Since: 2009 
Significant Factoid: I'm trying to learn canning this year.

Litza Stark
CSA Role: Webmaster
Duties Include: Keeping the website up and running and adding new features when I get the chance. In the past I've also been a site manager, so I have great admiration and appreciation for the hard work of site managers and volunteers on site!
Day Job: Web Developer (plus mother of 3 kids under 6...)
Favorite CSA pick: Peaches
Member Since: 2007
Significant Factoid: I went to grad school to study sexuality education, but in the end decided that computer programming was more fun.

Kate Thayer
CSA Role: Head Site Manager & Site Manager for Distribution
Duties Include: Scheduling shifts, updating procedures, overseeing on-site share distribution and clean up each week
Day Job: Application Analyst
Favorite CSA pick: I'm looking forward to strawberries!
Member Since: 2015
Significant Factoid: My father used to wake me up at 6:00 a.m. during the summer to "beat the heat" to pull weeds in our garden.