Meet Your Core Group

Denise Bolognino
CSA Role: Coordinator.
Duties Include: Keeping it all together.
Day Job: Student
Favorite CSA pick: Strawberries and Carrots... everything oh my!
Member Since: 2006
Significant Factoid: I dream of living on a goat farm.

Megan Franzen
CSA Role: Communications
Duties Include: Planning and organizing all CSA events including ones specifically about nutrition. Serving in an advisory capacity on nutrition related issues.
Day Job: Communications consultant at Humana; Holistic Nutrition Counselor for mamas, mamas-to-be, families and anyone who is passionate about eating to live a vibrant life!
Favorite CSA pick: Anything green and leafy. And apples.
Member Since: 2009
Significant Factoid: I was trained to be an opera singer!

Nicole Romanelli
CSA Role: Site Manager
Day Job: Child Life Specialist at Cohen Children's Medical Center
Favorite CSA pick: I love my leafy greens and herbs
Member Since: 2017
Hobbies: Yoga, cooking, dance, traveling, and playing with essential oils
Significant Factoid: I am a vegetarian and love to experiment with all sorts of plants in the kitchen!

Patricia Silva
CSA Role: Volunteer Coordinator
Duties Include: Keep Volunteer Schedule up to date and send pesky reminders.
Day Job: Artist, Arts Writer, Faculty at ICP
Favorite CSA Pick: I'm looking forward to trying pawpaw fruits
Member Since: 2016
Significant Factoid: Happily vegan since 1996? 98? Around then.