Meet Your Core Group

Amber Adams
CSA Role: Setup Manager
Duties Include: Helping set up distribution, intercept farm deliveries, breakdown distribution sometimes knowing ahead of time and sometimes last minute but ALWAYS with a willingness to help and big smile!
Day Job: Stagehand/Feldenkrais Method®  teacher
Favorite CSA pick: Berries! 
Member Since: 2008
Significant Factoid: former boxer & swing dancer.

Tess Arevalo-Fischer
CSA Role: Distribution Manager
Duties include: overseeing on-site distribution of shares to members. 
Day job: Culinary nutritionist/MS student in Holistic Nutrition/In-home dog boarding
Favorite CSA pick: unusual greens I've never eaten before.
Member Since: 2012
Significant factoid: I cook organic, farm fresh, health supportive food for my dog Semba, a fifteen year old cancer survivor!

Ben Blackshear
CSA Role: Setup Manager
Duties Include: Overseeing the setup of delicious fruit and veggies every week so all is ready for distribution.
Day Job: Cartographer/GIS Specialist
Favorite CSA pick: Cherry tomatoes and hot peppers
Member Since: 2014
Significant Factoid: I am trying to start a community garden near the Rikers Island bridge. Email me at if you want to get involved!

Denise Bolognino
CSA Role: Coordinator
Duties Include: Keeping it all together.
Day Job: Student
Favorite CSA pick: Strawberries and Carrots... everything oh my!
Member Since: 2006
Significant Factoid: I dream of living on a goat farm.

Barbara Lynn Cantone
CSA Role: Site Manager (Setup)
Duties Include: Overseeing the setup of delicious fruit and veggies every week so all is ready for distribution.
Day Job: Holistic body therapist & owner of Body & Soul Restorations Inc. (
Favorite CSA pick: Tomatoes, basil
Member Since: 2006
Significant Factoid: When I grow up, I want to be the lead singer in a rock band.

Sara Donnelly
CSA Role: Distribution Manager
Duties Include: manage distribution shifts.
Day Job: Pediatric Nurse Practitioner
Favorite CSA pick: Everything! All types of berries
Member Since: 2014
Significant Factoid: I am new to the group and a CSA in general. Excited to meet all of you!

Megan Franzen
CSA Role: Events Coordinaor
Duties Include: Planning and organizing all CSA events including ones specifically about nutrition. Serving in an advisory capacity on nutrition related issues.
Day Job: Holistic Nutrition Counselor for pre/post natal women, families and anyone who is passionate about eating to live a vibrant life! + teach healthy cooking classes, and 24/7 mama to my toddler son.
Favorite CSA pick: Anything green and leafy. And apples.
Member Since: 2009
Significant Factoid: I was trained to be an opera singer!

Mary Gallagher
CSA Role: Membership Coordinator
Duties Include: Membership, Invites, waiting list
Day Job: RN
Favorite CSA pick: Carrots
Member Since: 2011
Significant Factoid: I am a native Astorian. 

Amy J. Hellman 
CSA Role: Site Manager
Duties Include: Getting it all set up. 
Day Job: Thetahealer and Instructor, Yoga and Meditation Instructor, Bodyworker, Poet
Favorite CSA pick: Earth-made bounty!
Member Since: 2014
Significant Factoid: I believe anything is possible.

Amy Israel
CSA Role: Distribution Manager
Duties include: Making sure distribution goes smoothly,oversee that there are volunteers are signed up and here to answer any questions you may have when you come to pick up your veggies!
Day Job: yoga teacher and real estate agent
Favorite CSA pick: Kohlrabi
Member Since: 2010
Significant Factoid: active biker and food enthusiast. Love to go foraging for edibles in the park!

Wendy Marston Lehmann
CSA Role: Communications Director
Duties Include: Keeping members up-to-date on CSA business, share details and events.
Day Job: Freelance copywriter/comedy writer (
Favorite CSA pick: Turnips!
Member Since: 2008
Significant Factoid: I have lived in 9 (or more) NYC neighborhoods over the years and I love Astoria/Ditmars the most.

Dega Omar
CSA Role: Setup Manager
Duties Include: Being there for setup, knowing the setup routine and helping the volunteers do their job.
Day Job: Stay At Home Mom
Favorite CSA pick: I like everything. My kids love black grapes.
Member since 2011
Factoid. I am the compost person at my home and have three cats and three kids.

Chi Romano
CSA Role: Volunteer Coordinator
Duties Include: Setting up our awesome weekly volunteers for success, tracking shifts and pleading for people to fill empty spots.
Day Job: Procurement Coordinator (yes, I love coordinating), retired rugby coach
Favorite CSA pick: Dino Kale
Member Since: 2013
Significant Factoid: Went Paleo 3 years ago--the best decision of my life --and am taking it to another level this year by biohacking and detoxifying my entire beauty/bath routine.

Alison Dalton Smith
CSA Role: Head Site Manager
Duties Include:  Overseeing the conditions of the site, the materials and their condition and if additional items are needed. Ultimately responsible for making sure set-up and distro managers are always there. Provide emergency back-up.
Day Job: Waitress & Sustainability Advocate!
Favorite CSA pick: All things
Member Since: 2014
Significant Factoid: I live compromise: I am a vegetarian for 25 years married to a steakhouse owner named Hunter.

Litza Stark
CSA Role: Webmaster
Duties Include: Keeping the website up and running and adding new features when I get the chance. In the past I've also been a site manager, so I have great admiration and appreciation for the hard work of site managers and volunteers on site!
Day Job: Web Developer (plus mother of two kids under 5, with one more coming this summer...)
Favorite CSA pick: Peaches
Member Since: 2007
Significant Factoid: I went to grad school to study sexuality education, but in the end decided that computer programming was more fun.

Melissa Trentadue
CSA Role: Distribution Manager
Duties Include: Making sure our neighbors get all their food happiness in a swift and organized way.
Day Job: Hurricane Sandy Relief Supervisor/Yoga Teacher
Favorite CSA pick: Anything I haven't had before that allows me to up my cooking game!
Member Since: 2014
Significant Factoid: I once had a begonia that I named Notorious BEG.