Meet Your Core Group


Mary Ann Benedetto
CSA Role: Site Manager.
Duties Include: not sure yet. 
Day Job: post-production for television/film
Favorite CSA Pick: Very excited for the tortillas!
Member Since: 2015
Significant Factoid: I have celiac, and always having fresh fruits and vegetables around makes managing my diet manageable. Also, I'm easy to recognize by my blue hair. :)

Denise Bolognino
CSA Role: Coordinator.
Duties Include: Keeping it all together.
Day Job: Student
Favorite CSA pick: Strawberries and Carrots... everything oh my!
Member Since: 2006
Significant Factoid: I dream of living on a goat farm.

Nancy Chan
CSA Role: Social Media Manager
Duties Include: Promote news and events, send weekly share emails and general social butterfly duties
Day Job: Campaign Manger at CBS Interactive
Favorite CSA pick: Sugar snap peas with extra snap
Member since: 2015
Hobbies: Capoeria, Yoga (student and teacher), merriment with my dog Bax, fostering hobo dogs, finding and consuming Bloody Marys
Significant Factoid: I have crooked pinkies and can wiggle my pinky toe independently from all my other toes (try it, it's a challenge!)

Nicolyna Enriquez
CSA Role: Site Manager
Duties Include: Overseeing distribution and cleaning up the space after the distribution.
Day Job: Event Coordinator for a non-profit focused on scientific research. 
Favorite CSA pick: Looking forward to finding a favorite!
Member Since: 2016
Hobbies: Bicycling and teaching swim lessons at a pool in Manhattan. 
Factoid: I swam Division III at Colby College in Waterville, Maine.

Megan Franzen
CSA Role: Events Coordinaor
Duties Include: Planning and organizing all CSA events including ones specifically about nutrition. Serving in an advisory capacity on nutrition related issues.
Day Job: Communications consultant at Humana; Holistic Nutrition Counselor for mamas, mamas-to-be, families and anyone who is passionate about eating to live a vibrant life!
Favorite CSA pick: Anything green and leafy. And apples.
Member Since: 2009
Significant Factoid: I was trained to be an opera singer!

Paul Lind
CSA Role: Site manager
Duties Include: I’ll be doing some setup and some distribution shifts
Day Job: Community Habilitation Instructor for people with developmental disabilities
Favorite CSA Pick: It’s hard to beat a good tomato
Member Since: 2015
Significant Factoid: I haven’t cut or brushed my hair in 17 years. 

Kyle Mattison
CSA Role: Site Manager
Duties Include: TBD
Day Job: Digital Cartographer / Geographic Database Administrator for the NYC Department of Parks and Recreation
Favorite CSA pick: None yet, but I'm really looking forward to weekly fresh fruit
Member since: 2016
Hobbies: Cooking, Tabletop RPGs, DIY Projects
Significant Factoid: I have lived on all three American coasts. Yes, three. Chicagoans consider the city to have a coast on Lake Michigan.

Ryan McKinney
CSA Role: Core Team Member/Site Manager
Duties Include: Coordinating distribution of shares and supervising volunteers.
Day Job: Theatre Professor at Kingsborough Community College
Favorite CSA pick: I'm not sure yet but I'm looking forward to finding out!
Member Since: 2016
Significant Factoid: Fanatical volleyball player much to chagrin of my knees.

Michelle Phillips
CSA Role: Webmaster
Duties Include: Develop, maintain and promote this awesome website
Day Job: Yield Analyst at Match Media?
Favorite CSA pick: Red Russian Kale
Member since: 2015
Hobbies: running, watching YouTube videos of puppies, reading Wikipedia articles, taking random gym classes
Significant Factoid: I once had a pet stick bug :)

Jasper Ray
CSA Role: Site Manager
Day Job: Social Security Administration Claims Representative
Favorite CSA Pick: Strawberries, tomatoes, beets and sunchokes
Member Since: 2013
Significant Factoid: Can make a pretty mean tomato sandwich.

Patricia Silva
CSA Role: Site manager
Duties Include: Coordinating distribution of shares and supervising volunteers.
Day Job: Artist, Arts Writer, Faculty at ICP
Favorite CSA Pick: I'm looking forward to trying pawpaw fruits
Member Since: 2016
Significant Factoid: Happily vegan since 1996? 98? Around then.