Subsidized Shares 2022

Hellgate CSA is committed to making our CSA financially accessible to our neighbors. We offer a number of subsidized (half price) vegetable shares. These shares are available to those who fit into the guidelines below based annual income and family size - which is calculatted by the number of people using the share. If you do not fit into this framework but have extenuationg circumstances email us.

Income Requirements

One Person:      $28,000                     

Two People:      $36,000

Three People:    $45,000

Four People:      $52,000

Five People:      $60,000

Six People:       $67,000

Seven People:   $75,000

Eight People:     $83,000

If you have more family members feel free to email us.

If you have substantial resources beyond earned income, please be mindful of those who don’t and purchase a full-priced share instead. Family size and income is calculated on all income, not just salary and by the number of people eating the share (whether or not they are related) and those people’s total pre-tax income from all sources.

Although these shares are given on the honor system, the core group reserves the right to ask for supporting documents.

We only offer discounts on the vegetable share at this time.

To Apply please email us with the heading Subsidized Share at Please share your family size and composition, confirm you meet our income guidelines and share your preferred email and phone number.