Member Contract

Hellgate CSA Member Agreement

Your shares are available for pick up on Tuesday's at our regular distribution times.  Shares which are not picked up are donated to a local food pantry. All sales are final and nonrefundable. If you need to cancel your share, you are responsible for finding a buyer, re-selling your share, and collecting any money from the new buyer. The CSA has a partner relationship with our farmers and we share in the rewards and risks throughout the growing season.


2021 Volunteer Agreement

CSA members are required, as part of their commitment to the CSA for the season, to sign up to volunteer 1 shift for every vegetable or fruit share that they purchase (i.e., if you purchase both fruit and vegetables, you will be responsible for 2 shifts). This is a community effort and we cannot make it happen without everyone's help.

Our CSA is run on a volunteer basis, so members are encouraged, but not required, to volunteer as much as they can beyond the requirement.  Please see volunteer page for more details.

Guidelines for splitting a Hellgate CSA Share

Some CSA members find that a share is too much food per week. These members may split a CSA share in whatever manner they choose. A share partner is allowed to pick up the fruit or vegetable share and the share partner may also perform the volunteer shift required of all CSA members. The share partners may split a share but share partners do not jointly own a membership. The following restrictions apply to share partners: 

  • A share partner cannot purchase a separate vegetable or fruit share using the original CSA member's log-in and password. Log-ins are not transferable. 

If this happens, the share partner will be removed from the CSA and added to the wait list. 


Civility within the CSA

We ask that all CSA members treat other members politely. Abusing--verbally or online--a fellow CSA member will result in expulsion from the CSA.