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How to Order Tomatoes

From Farmer Bill our wonderful organic famer at Green Thumb Farm on Long Island

Each 22lb box cost $45 - these are Red Italian Plum Tomatoes.
You may order as late as noon the day before delivery.
Deliveries made starting Tuesday Aug 19th through Tuesday Sept 23.

To order:
Call the farm stand 9am to 5 pm
631-726 1900   with your credit card info.


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Notes from Green Thumb Farm: October 19

We had our fall farm tour this past weekend--the weather was beautiful and I would like to thank all that came out to see and learn a little about what we are doing. We saw many of our fall greens, radishes, turnips, and kales--multiple varieties of each. 

Our sweet potatoes were finally harvested about 2 weeks ago. The crop looks plentiful so we will be bringing those in throughout the rest of our season. We still have lots of winter squash in storage as well.