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    Hi Alia, 

    I checked and you are signed up for June 17th and June 24th, both setup shifts. If that's not right, please email the core at


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    I signed up for two volunteer shifts, but when I looked at my account only the first one showed up. So I went and signed up for the second shift a second time, and it still didn't show up in my account... but now I have a feeling I might be marked as covering both volunteer spots on June 24th.

    Could someone with access to the back end confirm whether I did successfully sign up for the June 24th set up spot, and if I took both spots please remove me from one of them?



    alia g

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    Brook Wozniak, our share partner will join me.

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    Sounds like a good plan. Will do next time we are away!

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    Hi! May I set up a box for people to donate extra fruit, or ready-to-eat non-perishables (cans, boxes, etc.) to Occupy Wall St. if they would like to? I am collecting donations of food to bring to Liberty Sq. Park.