Core meeting minutes for 6/17/2014

Hellgate CSA Core Meeting Minutes


We have 12 people RSVP’d for strawberry picking event this Saturday.

7 people RSVP’d for wine tasting next month.

Looking to add more events to the schedule.


Table situation:

Was ok today with the extra tables today, but we will need more in the future.

Megan will bring extra table over this weekend so that if we need more, we have it.

Can use marble tables only if we need to.

Share info for June 17, 2014, and Farmer Bill's newsletter AND strawberry picking info

All that in this tiny little blog post. 

The vegetable share is:
herbs for everyone--a choice between French tarragon and mint
Broccoli raab
radishes or sorrel

There will also be FRUIT for those with a fruit share, and TORTILLAS for
those with a tortilla share.

Strawberry picking info: 

When: Saturday, June 21st at 11am Where: Green Thumb Farm, Watermill, Long
Island, NY - at the corner of Rosehill Road and Montauk Highway

A note from Farmer Bill just before the season starts

Greetings to another year! Our spring season has begun. Because of our cold weather over the last several months some of our crops are later than usual. Strawberries and lettuces will not be ready until the 2nd week in June. We do have some greens grown in our plastic covered hoop houses a well as outside curly and radishes coming soon.  Our peas, fennel, beets and carrots are doing well but growing slow.

First CSA distribution is June 3, 2014, and first fruit distro is June 17

The season is drawing closer. We urge you to explore the Add-on Shares, especially Pickle Pete's pickles and the Village Fishmonger's fish. We need more people (CSA members and non-members) to order pickles or else we may not be able to offer them. You can sign up for your pickle share here and your fish share here

Hellgate CSA is not the only game in town, so check out these other Queens CSAs

Hellgate CSA usually has a very long waiting list. We are just about to close out our membership for the 2014 season, and there are still many people on the wait list who want to join and won't get a spot. If you added your name to the wait list in February 2014 or later, it doesn't look great for joining for 2014. 

So don't forget about the other wonderful CSAs in nearby neighborhoods. If you have flexibility, maybe one of these will work for you until Hellgate opens up. 

These are:

Despairing on the wait list? Consider Flushing CSA

This isn't to say that you won't get into Hellgate CSA, but the list is long, sometimes a few years. We have started down the wait list for members for this season.

So if you signed up on our wait list in the last year or so, consider joining another nearby CSA for this season. 

Flushing CSA is new and looking for members. Pick ups will be Thursdays, at the Flushing Town Hall, 137-35 Northern Blvd. in Flushing, New York. Go to the Flushing CSA web site for the details. 

Even if you don't stay with Hellgate CSA, there are other options nearby

We understand that people move and schedules change. Maybe you're not living in the Ditmars area of Queens anymore or maybe Tuesday nights are already spoken for, but you still want local, organic produce coming into your life once a week. Consider Harvest CSA on Crescent near 30th Avenue. Harvest CSA is having their membership drive on March 26th, at the Church of the Redeemer at 30-14 Crescent Street, between 6:00 PM and 8:00 PM. In order to join you must show up. 

Yeah, yeah, we know snow is in the forecast...

But the big news is: 

Hellgate CSA members may now register for the 2014 season!

Click here to register. 

Click here to find out more about subsidized shares. 

You will be prompted to schedule your volunteer shift--please do so. The CSA is a volunteer-run organization and shifts are the key to its success. 

Take that, winter!