The Weekly E-Share -- October 31, 2006


This week only the weekly e-share will be available here. Enjoy!

From the Editor:This week, enjoy true fall and winter vegetables of cauliflower and kale. White russian kale is a curly kale with white midribs and delicate flavor. It would be excellent simply sauteed in olive oil and garlic and served over pasta or rice. It's nice to have sweet potatoes to bake or steam, and the last of beans are coming our way, it seems. Enjoy the ever-crispening weather, and see you at distribution!

We're full!


But not in the we - just - ate - too - many - wonderful - organic - fava - beans - from - our - share way.

We are currently at our max with members. Which is great for us and for Farmer Bill, but maybe not for some of you who have silently been planning on signing up. There is hope, though. There is always a possibility that you will be able to sign up at some point in the future for this season. Just send us an e-mail to be put on our waiting list and we'll let you know when something becomes available.