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Dear Hellgate CSA Member:

Can you believe we only have five more weeks of the CSA?  Crazy that it's almost over!  I think it's amazing that we are still getting string beans, which I always associate with summer.  To counter that, beets are on the menu this week.  Look for a separate "special report on beets" post  with recipes and storage tips. 

Tomatillos are also in the share.  They are ripe when the husk turns brown and the skin can be either yellow, red, green or purple. Ones that are firm and still in the husk can last in the crisper of your refrigerator up to 4 weeks (Loose. No need to use a plastic bag for these!). These tasty fruits are the core ingredient in Latin American cuisine's green sauces. Additionally, hot peppers and cilantro are in the share and will come in handy for this wholesome traditional Latin recipe from

Keep in mind that if you aren't in the mood for putting together a stew, the tomatillos can simply be husked, washed so the thin wax on the skin is removed, chopped and served in a salad with cilantro. Another fairly simple fresh idea is to grind them in a food mill or food processor with peppers, onions and cilantro for fresh salsa verde.
Though the season ends in a little over a month, meat & dairy orders will still continue over the winter, though will revert back to monthly instead of twice monthly.

See you at distribution!

Call for Core Group Members! The CSA Core Group is looking for someone to be Treasurer for the next year. This essential role includes invoicing members, making payments to the farmers, and keeping financial records. Do you have experience working with numbers or finances, and want to help our CSA thrive? Please contact to find out more!


As you know, volunteering is part of your contract as a CSA member, but what you might not know is that it's a lot of fun!  Time slots are either 11:30-2 p.m. (set-up) or 5-8 p.m. (distribution).  You can find the open volunteer slots at the volunteer page,

Also, please note that veggie shares and fruit shares are worth one volunteer shift each.  This means that if you have both a fruit and veggie share, your volunteer commitment is 6 hours (two 3 hour shifts).  If you have one or the other, you have only a 3 hour shift.  Just drop us a line if you have any questions about this.

Meat & Dairy order Deadline November 6

Don't forget, the next order deadline is November 6th at midnight, and delivery is on November 11th.  Go to to place your order.

Reminder: Thanksgiving Turkeys!

We wanted to alert you to the fact that you can order a turkey for Thanksgiving through the CSA!  November 6 is the last day to order turkeys, and you place your order with your other meat & dairy products.  The turkeys come from Stonewood Farms, in Vermont, and you can read more about the turkeys at their website:

Here's a little bit about their turkeys:

Stonewood Farm specializes in premium quality turkeys with superior flavor and juiciness that can only be grown in Vermont. We grow our turkeys naturally; that is we do not feed antibiotics or growth hormones. We ready our turkeys for your family without using any preservatives or artificial ingredients. Just plenty of fresh Vermont air, cool nights, green pastures, good feed and tender loving care on our family farm.

Three generations of the Stone family currently operate Stonewood Farm, a one thousand acre farm located in Orwell, Vermont. We produce the best quality all natural turkeys. They are delicious and naturally self-basting, sold fresh for Thanksgiving and Christmas. We sell frozen turkeys and turkey products all the year round. To ensure the highest quality turkey for your family, we have a small but spotless USDA inspected processing plant located on our farm. Our turkeys are kept indoors inside spacious and uncrowded open sided barns, providing them with fresh air, plenty of natural sunlight, and shelter from extremes in weather that are quite common in New England. We no longer choose to free range our turkeys, due to the benefit of proper sheltering and to the clear and present threat of exposure to Avian Flu from overflying water fowl.
Ordering meat & dairy is through
If you do not have access to this and need a login, just reply to this message and we'll get you set up!

EVENT: Perennial Design Workshop Series presents
Fermentation: Storing Food and Increasing its Vitality

Saturday, 8 November 2008
11:30 am - 2:30 pm
All Saints Church
43-12 46th Street, Sunnyside, Queens (#7 to 46th Street stop)

In this hands-on session Andrew Faust will show participants how to make kimchee, sauerkraut and fermented root vegetables which they can take home and enjoy. Ingredients and Mason jars will be provided. We will also discuss ways of supporting local economies and eating regional and seasonal diets. Come with questions about overall diet and health in the Kitchen.

What to bring: Apron, cutting board, a good sharp Chef's knife, large earthen or plastic bowls, optional: your own favorite salt, i.e. Himalayan or Celtic sea salt

Registration: RSVP to Gusti Bogok at to ensure your space

Cost: $32 if check received before 1 November, $40 after November 1
Mail checks or money orders to Gusti Bogok:
Gusti Bogok, 130 W. 16th Street # 41, New York, NY 10011